Alex Vivian, Objects (to be used), 21.10.2019–10.1.2020

Many beg, others plead. Yelling from afar… What is this?

Does this collection of work reek of blatancy – drained of delicious ambiguity – or is there something else buried beneath the surface?

If these here objects are to be used, what function is to be bestowed upon them? The body, you see, is split into either two major working orders: the torso trail hightailing north and beyond, and a below the belt-buckled southern state encompassing all and cascading toward floor. Is it the north or south that embodies these objects, swallowing inside, ordering them about – or are they mutually gobbled, emptied and used to house? To be employed simply for domestic commitments or something else entirely? Bearers of load or merely garnish on a preheated plate?

Begging has moved to that of a ravenous level. How? How do we use?!

Much saliva and hungry speculation is fireballed about vicinity. These questions have become similar to the rows of supermarket products – shelves upon shelves, reeking of names and options. Endless canned vegetables, beans, clumsy meats, spaghetti-bits-resembling-character-forms, etc.

Again – How do we use?!

… And if we are to use, what are these to be used for?  

Objects (to be used), 2019. Mustard, radio, mayonnaise, cutlery, napkin, plate, castration devices, plastic bin, vacuums, Cling Wrap, glue, weight mass powder, peanut butter, landline phones, ironing board, permanent marker, magazines, rubber bands, correctional fluid, dirt, measuring tape, KFC wet wipe, cardboard boxes, television remote, wooden case, chocolate wrappers, tomato sauce, Kleenex Mansize tissues, ziplock bag, Turtlewax car wash polish, margarine packaging, iron, novel, general domestic clutter