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To state a set frequency of my consumption rate (intake) is hard to determin as a set amount like 1 @ eleven & eleven @ 1 so I’ll say that when talking to myself in jokeingly & self morale raiseing I say & (joke) state when referring to CocaCola (has to be 40g sugar (Ipswitch) as “Secondary fluids” as primary or firstly & lastly of every single day or prefix & suffix placement if time either anytime I go to sleep I need my “primary fluid” that is a Suntory Frucor 500mL V original 1 before bed & 1 as soon as I wake up as like a methadone elixir have too & due to the past half a decade I have not drank any water as I have replaced it with Full Cream milk (1g lactose per 100mL / CocaCola Classic 1g per 10mL) & can not have been failed tricked with watered down milk & cant drink skim milk (watered down milk to me) though yeah no water @ all. Only a wake up 500mL cold V original & 1-3 ciggysz as my breakfast & then milk & inportant to note unless I have loaded myself on Chryst drinking any coke cans tends to gamble & or better described as primeing myself for later on(pto)

I unknowing of correct term get “Anxiety” or the haunt /psychLink suggested seance/meditations) “water diffusional anxiety” & I can only describe the attack exprience as completely dibilitateing like bad (forced clockwork) depot injection medication panic & rendered totally vulnerable. keep thinking “theres shiFt on me?!” “Im shiFting myself/passing myself” (check @ toilet nothing (imagination) or when sitting down to piss due to the fear? no panic ergh more worrying threads of constant feeling thought exprience stateing “there is? something wrong ? though during before & after this so called “anxiety” there is no physical or external physiological evidence & or clue to the true problem of ones self & body, nerves, mindfull only good memory of such times suffering or having one of these “water diffusion & anxiety” (ive made facebook page$ called these two labels) is my girlfriend @ the time going (once observing & noticeing me having this “Anxiety” is her saying “come here baby” “oh poor baby” &

Sarah used to tickle the soles of my feet to “override” the “Anxiety” that descryptively cousins that of methadone prelude & exprience$ & feedback closely relates the similar though ive never intervenous & or smoked Opium & or Ham&cheese Heroin & or morphine so hence not the daily methadone elixir just the V & secondary fluid$ CocaCola & full cream milk & 2litres 430c bigM$ though yeah sitting on the toilet whilst having one of these Anxiety body shutdown attacks there has been some bitter or embarrassing sweetness is not relizeing that too late the stream of urine has gone under the seat & all over the floor & my other ( nearly a year after breaking up forced break up) is nurselike & helps threw the mess though yeah…… (W?e are Ten Pence Crew & 100% own the Bayswater factory/cannery that was asx:CCL ?) I do not like the hints to RKO favour & or involvement & worry with hauntLeak$
stateing PepsiCo’$ Doritoes CornChips are in the future going to have only 1 colour packageing with no label or decal designs or information just bags like cereal inlays

Due to bastery psychology & financial reasons I try to mainly purchase CocaCola Classic Cans in either 24 can slabs or the 30 can block$. any purchase is entirely based on price & initiated purchase of bulk multiple slabs boxe$ iv knowing that the SuperMarket for sale (on special price) is the set fluxes lowest amount (sorta like how b4 private acquisition of asx:CCL shares fluxed between $8 & $10/$12). it used to be? that the lowest price for 24 slabs was $14.10c or $14.09c, however, the local independant supermarket (not IGA) made a 24 can slab special for $13something AUD just to prove me incorrect… the 30 blocks lowest price was previously $17.22c AUD though yesterday or a few days ago I paid $18.50c per 30 block & 24 can slabs were on special as well though for $15.50c AUD

not sure? not the open a bottle bit though the use of the word” “Happiness” & when was supported the “Reward$” initative & not sure really I do like half(reduced to RKO affiliated & or knowledge & or influence of a rival in the past I was & thought he was my friend. Anyway the And Again. And Again. And Again. recent can scrypt is suspect = the use of “Recycle Me” am half agreeable though the two design series of can$ stateing that the on side of can stated ingredients the 1st “purified” term & insinuation now removed you can see how “TenPenceCrew” & “RKO” are or maybe fully co-ordinate-ing a conspiracy like A future with absolutely no supply & availability to all “public” persons for that of plain sugar

when purchaseing CocaCola singlely & not in multiple that being in slab$ I did note that the glass bottle$ the 330mL bottles the cola may have tasted better & when in scenario of coke only being purchased for necessity to mix with alcohol the choice of decision was based on volume cheap enough to dilute the same occassion purchase of alcohol though yeah CocaCola warm = chat & undrinkable though after loaded & cans cold I think could be 4’c or 6’c not sure though as long as not frozen cold fluid. A cold can of coke can sometimes be the best form of after lawn mowing refreshment as i dont drink water.

vended cans always not cold enough was the FTG Laundrymatt would allow for 1 token needed to have the unmanned & zero staff vending machine would dispense a can for 1 token & the token$ you had to purchase from an in wall unit token dispensor that exchanged paid 1 token per dollar so a dollar a token a token a can though before this independant shareholders forced to sell their shares cocacola classic cans worked out to be fifty something cents per can per unit & now they have inflated such price per can per unit to sixty something cent$

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coke can be drank anywhere, it is determined moreso the fluid needing cold delivery and thirst rather then place or property or venue being the decider or selective?location to consume what was once a good investment.

ultimately the best time to drink a cold can of coca cola classic is the immediate earthing of oneself (for example) after say spending a near hour mowing lawn$ and or directly linear within half an hour of consumeing snuff, as iv having a can of coca cola before snuff one runs the risk of suffering anxiety due to medication more so then caffiene (that i might ad is no longer measured or displayed the ingrediented measure within each post 2020 recycle me red coca cola privately aquistied cannery in Bayswater & no longer independant shareholder$ for the entity previously known as CocaColaAmatil asx:CCL

a cold 4degree or 6degree i dont know exactly the temperture though a cold pre-sweating aluminium 375mL standard can of coca-cola classic delivered drank before getting warm and given thirst from exhertion and or consumation of crack prior, well i rather pay the $1.50c AUD at Foodworks now then in the past the $1 coin token vending machine two three shop windows down in the laundry matt even though i want to help them(the laundry mat business owners stakeholders moreso) though it can be a matter of health! cold temperture delivery = fluid consumption (might have to do with my admission to the RCH in 1990 and operation on my epiglode ? iv the can is presweat cold, brilliance. i have to comment again a cold can of cocacola classic after gear/snuff is ultimate!

for all we know other then the storm water gutter and concrete (caveclan expeditional underground storm water gutter sewer tunnels) getting diverted from Upper Ferntree Gully to either the Quarry dam or directly to the unmanned all robot cannery in Bayswater & the thought resomation means that yes sewerage once was the fluid prior electrolysised of all granule and soiled matter

not sure on the litreage of consumption of coke though youd hope less then what i have loaded in resomator prelude ?semi solid receptical$ ?erghh not LoLing though i horde aluminium can$ and exchange them at scrapyards that have scales and bank account to pay mine with and on average or approximately for a rule of thumb>? not sure iv useing term correct though 3x 375mL cans fully empty no drizzle or foreign objects fetches me 2cent$ and due to horde temp storageage and lift transport of ferrying the collected can$ i go halves in all can revenue so of that 2cent i get one cent and my mate gets one though the going rate to minimumally expect from cashing in say a kilogram or ten is 50cent$ per kilo

i just cant stomach alternatives it has got to the stage now i have to decline pepsi unless its the only option not water. I prefer “classic ( Ipswitch ) 40gram sugar over any artificial feel crook sweetner$/z!

Coca cola’s annual revenue is 37.27 billion USD, with total assets being around 86.38 billion = market cap = cost of one share x outstanding share$ ~ that one cost me my future of having any shares or ‘bluechip’ xzystant financial instrument to enable me to live the machivelli livelyhood a goodhood non badhood”

Regarding ‘taste the feeling exhibition’: wasnt bad and injoied the fact no bullshiFt assaults took place, other than the land lord under suspicion of being a bad friend enrageing me times chilled out and no remotely effected or skitzing or resentment or disagreement has me injoi the uni folk and enough to want to get others unfortunate not yet on the door list (even though such is entirely mental and sorta is open door thinking about it though limited by word of mouth and uni circle$ ? maybe ? oh well…

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Text by Daniel Dawson

Josh Krum & Aden Miller, Taste the Feeling, 12–14 November 2021

(counter-clockwise from door)

Real Thing, Coca-cola classic, washers, epoxy on canvas, 110×140cm

Smile, Coca-cola classic, bleach, acrylic on canvas, 110×140cm

Enjoy, Coca-cola classic, aluminium, epoxy on canvas, 110×140cm

The Feeling, Coca-cola classic, on canvas, 170×150cm

It, Coca-cola classic, aluminium leaf, leafing size on canvas, 110×140cm