Intervention: packaged fluorescent black-light tubes (used in previous exhibition) reinstalled horizontally along each wall.

Documentation of interior architecture carried out in accordance with architecture. Hieratic composition: four walls shown from the front. One exception shows side angle of tube with tip exposed.

Existing lights remain in traditional form, i.e., switched on. Packaged fluorescents on wall present a dormant option for ulterior motive? This benign add-on serves as accent to the wall, a growth, nothing more. The placement and height may read as if railing in toilets for the disabled or elderly in a public setting/institution, but to say the tubes are accessories would denote a certain amount of personality, which is not seen or promoted here. New and untampered unused and used tampered lighting.

This arrangement of concealed lights is perhaps not institutional critique, but the basis for some kind of new institution. The covered tubes are track lighting or old-fashioned display of back lighting, pouring yellow light on lacquered wooden floors/carpets of rural galleries… before all changed hands to presentation as acronym.

Cardboard case housing is repeated as if utilitarian. Is it the four walls that power it, or is it the implied functionality that goes unsaid with said lighting?

light globes
17 november 2022
fluorescent lights with packaging, tape