These images come from the constraints of using Instagram to publish pornographic images. Initially, I seemed to have an account with some deficient moderator access, and freely posted hardcore gay pornography for some time to the silence of Instagram, and the amusement of others. This changed abruptly, and I became aware of the extreme censorship practices of the application. Even a hint of dick resulted in the swift deletion of the image and the invitable deletion of the account after multiple violations. This process proved somewhat amusing, and a game ensued involving skirting the boundaries of Instagram’s moral code. But I discovered a loophole. Painting and cartoons appeared exempt from moral evaluation, and images of open arses and ejaculating cocks presented in non-photographic media were judged as appropriate. Hence Photoshop-filtered images, which disguise pornography as ‘art’. A game of testing the limits of Instagram’s morals and patience began. While tolerated for some time, the image of a man filming his ejaculation in a mirror proved too much, and a swift end was again brought to this exercise. After five account deletions, Instagram remains the winner and my images of cocks have now been relegated to literature and real-world experiences. The images contained here include some of my favourite moments of voyeuristic and adventurous men, freely exposing their dicks to a wider world that cannot see them unless they are cartoonish or visually deactivated. Included also are some of my favourite books including written experiences of sex, which although censored in the visual form, are ignored in the written form in a world obsessed with the perfect image and largely unaware of the power of words.

—Hristopher, August 2020